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We All Do Better

Economic Priorities For a Land of Opportunity

David Bly

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  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.50" x 8.50"
  • ISBN: 978-0-9853972-9-6
  • Publication Date: 2016-02-01
  • Levins Publishing

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We All Do Better

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Our collapse from an “opportunity for all” middle class economy to a “winner take all” dog-eat-dog system is behind many problems we face as a society. It is time to begin the process of rebuilding our middle class economy. How do we get started? What principles will guide us?

In We All Do Better, David Bly shows how a middle class economy is built with actions we take together. Tax cuts for the rich, small government, and ideological shouting matches will never get us where we need to be. Instead, we must focus on the five building blocks of a middle class society: education, health care, transportation, clean energy, and living wage jobs.

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David Bly

David Bly is serving his fourth term in the Minnesota House of Representatives. He retired after teaching for 30 years in the Minnesota public school system. David Bly and his wife Dominque live in Northfield, Minnesota.