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The Tukor’s Journey

Jeannine Kellogg

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  • Paperback: 592 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.50" x 7.50"
  • ISBN: 9780999571408
  • Publication Date: 2018-03-02
  • Jagged Compass LLC

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The Tukor’s Journey

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Siblings Mitch, Tony, and Jovi discover that mysterious creatures called Grezniks are close to achieving their mission: blowing up Earth and shattering Life to bits. Over the centuries, Grezniks have nearly succeeded many times. But each time, their efforts have been foiled by Tukors and their allies. Now, Grezniks are closer than ever before, and no one knows if any Tukors are left in the world to stop them.

The Tukor’s Journey is an epic action adventure. Chock-full of faraway lands. Volcanoes. Mountains. Tundra. Tropical forests. Raging rivers. Steamy geysers. Farms. Big cities. Tractors flying at the speed of sound. Blue stones that defy the laws of physics. And lots of real life creatures. And Grezniks. Vicious. Deadly. Unfathomable strength and speed. Seeping through the world unseen—slippery, crawly, swift. Soon they’ll be ready to blow up Earth into tiny pieces. Three kids are unexpectedly invited to help defeat the Grezniks, but will they have the courage to join the battle?

Action Adventure Series; Science Fiction; Fantasy; age 10-14; Middle Grade; Middle School; books for boys; classic Children's books; clean; Tukors

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“It is a extremely good book. It has a very wild and exciting story. You get taken on a journey of your own reading it. One of the best books I've read.” –Jorvik, age 11

“It gets a 9.9. Best book I've ever read. It was very twisty. I hope she writes another book.” Ethan, age 11.

 “This book has changed my perspective on everything. It’s truley a mind changing book and my new favorite book.” Ian, age 11.

“Hi Ms. Kellogg, I just finished reading your book. I really liked your book. I am just very upset with the ending, I wish there was more." Henry, age 13.

"My sons are discussing your story right now as I make dinner. I wish you could hear it. I am amazed that you could sink into their thick media laden skulls." Rachelle, parent of 15 and 13 year olds.

"Evan is completely obsessed with your book! He loves the seven-legged creature and described to me how he imagines the Grezniks." Jill, parent

“Okay, he read the entire book, finished it this evening. He spent 2 hours in his bedroom this evening. He refused to go to bed and it’s already 10:30 pm. I can tell he is so into it otherwise he would have stopped earlier. And his input: ‘It’s great!’ ...He wants to know what will happen next. Overall he loves your book. And he’s being frank and honest. He said, ‘I would buy it.’ Very well done.”  Rita, parent

"I absolutely love it! Best book I’ve read. 2nd only to one other series. When does the next one come out? Amazing. I love the book sooooooooooo much ….OMG. Best book ever. Please tell me when the next one comes out. Thank you for letting me be one of the first readers." —Noah, 11

Jeannine Kellogg

Jeannine Kellogg loves a grand adventure and a great story. She has traveled to fifteen countries and her adventures include hiking in New Zealand, sea-kayaking above the Arctic Circle, and wading through rice fields in Thailand. Yet she is certain that great inspiration is found not in distant adventures, but in the often-overlooked details of everyday life. Jeannine’s career has spanned a variety of industries and roles, but has mostly involved analyzing lots of numbers and telling stories in numbers. Her first novel, The Tukor’s Journey, began in a wind storm as Jeannine and her nephews dove deep into sheltered waters seeking sparkling blue stones only visible when sunlight broke through the clouds. Jeannine built a story around that diving expedition, and it grew into The Tukor’s Journey adventure series. Jeannine enjoys nothing more than encouraging kids to seize life’s wonderful adventures and take the lead in their own powerful journey.