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  1. I'm New at Being Old

    I'm New at Being Old


    I’m New at Being Old is a picture book for women. Offering wit, whimsy and vibrantly fanciful art, Lucy Rose Fischer captures the essence of what it feels like to be “new at being old.” At first, she wonders: Is she ready for this journey toward an “alien universe”? She frets about what might happen to her—the “breakdown of movable parts” and, possibly, the “unraveling of my mind.” But she also celebrates her vitality, creativity, and “richness of years.” She comes to understand that she is joining a burgeoning sisterhood and that her new life is just beginning.

    Women of the Baby Boom generation will recognize themselves in I’m New at Being Old and draw inspiration and courage from this honest and engaging book. Learn More Add to Wishlist

  2. The Best of Our Lives

    The Best of Our Lives


    Are you ready for the best of YOUR life?

    Attention Baby Boomers!

    Have you wondered what you want to be when you retire? Where you want to live? And how to do it all? In The Best of Our Lives: Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life, authors Trisha and John Parker, a married couple going through the retirement process themselves, present current research, expert advice, and personal insights into the joys and challenges of retired life.

    The Parkers provide useful professional recommendations along with their unique solutions, suggestions, and experiences regarding topics such as managing retirement finances, attaining mental and physical health, planning budget travel, starting second careers, and making a home safe for the retirement years. Several helpful original checklists and forms are included to assist the reader in making an informed and painless transition to retired life.

    Written in an honest and conversational style, The Best of Our Lives reflects the authors’ passion for life, family, and friends.

    "An extremely well-written, understandable, and comprehensive book on organizing and managing your retired life in an increasingly complicated world. The practical advice on mental and physical fitness, as well as nutrition, makes this an essential reference book for today’s seniors."--Herbert M. Schub, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine

    "I’ve had the good fortune to travel with the Parkers who are, in the classic formulation, boon companions. The travel chapter alone is so laden with useful (and often overlooked) money-saving tips, a single trip would likely save many times the cost of the book. I make this recommendation from a background of a quarter-century of ownership of a chain of Chicago travel agencies and as travel editor for ABC Radio, San Francisco. The Parkers know how to enjoy life!"--Lee Rodgers, ABC/San Francisco Learn More Add to Wishlist

  3. Journeywell



    - If you are looking for a practical guide to help you review what has been important thus far in your life, and what is important to you now….
    - If you want to create a lifestyle that fits your values and is emotionally rewarding….
    - If you are wondering about the differences between mid and later life….
    - If you want to explore some tools to help you buffer the rough spots that happen to us all.
    - If you want to plan for your final days and finish as well as possible….

    Journeywell provides a framework and an experience for examining the depth and mystery of your journey. It asks question, has exercises, quotes, stories, and information. What have been some of the choice moments? The not so good, in fact, the wrenching bad times? How did you get through those times? What tools do you need to get through the rough spots around the corner? What are you proud of? Who were the powerful people in your life? To whom have you been important? What have you learned? What do you need to do now to make the rest of your life as enjoyable, meaningful, and balanced as possible?

    Journeywell deals with the difficult as well as the delights of aging. Herbert summarizes it all with her Three Ups: Wake Up, Show Up, Lighten Up. Learn More Add to Wishlist

  4. Better with Age

    Better with Age


    Discover the brain training secrets that sharpen memory and help brains get better with age.

    Learn More Add to Wishlist
  5. Sparkle On

    Sparkle On


    A lighthearted book about aging and how to be grateful for the changing aspects of your life.

    Learn More Add to Wishlist

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