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  1. A Diffident Doctor

    A Diffident Doctor


    A Diffident Doctor is a fascinating look into one American doctor’s life, spanning from his early childhood in Illinois in the 1930s to his retirement days in Nevada after 1998. Dr. Moffet’s personal story presents an intimate snapshot of history, culture, politics, and major events of that time. Diligently taking brief notes throughout life, Moffet’s stark presentation of American medical practice over the past 50-plus years reveals just how much diagnostic methods and medications—as well as the diseases themselves— have changed. His awareness of the ever-growing politics, as it interlaced with medical practice, is honest and unbiased, offering a neutral perspective on an extremely controversial topic.

    From his journey beginning in a small town, to a Harvard College scholarship and then medical school at Yale, to his studies in infectious diseases and practice in pediatrics in Wisconsin, Moffet’s life—complete with the ups and downs—is a testament to the persevering American spirit. Learn More Add to Wishlist

  2. Heart Attack and Stroke

    Heart Attack and Stroke


    Most people know that arteriosclerosis, unchecked, can lead to a potentially fatal heart attack, but what many don’t know is that arteriosclerosis is a simple disease to prevent—or would be, if only we knew how.

    Within the last century arteriosclerosis has gone from obscurity to a full-blown epidemic. Clearly, this is a direct result of societal changes. The need to eradicate this disease is plain, but how can we cure it when most medical professionals don’t know—or choose not to see—what causes it?

    Julian Kadish, MD PhD, has drawn a strong conclusion that is shocking in both its simplicity and the fact that so many refuse to take notice. While monitoring cholesterol and blood levels is important, the data points to a conclusion many professionals have not reached: the root cause of arteriosclerosis is consumption of hydrogenated oils.

    With Heart Attack and Stroke: A Man-Made Medical Catastrophe, Kadish focuses on arteriosclerosis with a simple, logical interpretation that has the ring of truth—and an undeniable and simple prevention. A well-researched resource for physician and layperson alike, Heart Attack and Stroke will convince any reader willing to review the data with an open mind. Learn More Add to Wishlist

  3. Cancer Sucks

    Cancer Sucks


    David Yates returned from military duty in Vietnam, only to find out that he had cancer. He was getting back on his feet when cancer returned two years later. Treatment followed, and David got back into his life – changed, but moving forward. Three decades later, David found himself receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis for the third time.

    Cancer Sucks – A True Story is David’s story.

    From the moment of that third diagnosis, David determined that he hadn’t let cancer beat him in the past, and it wouldn’t beat him this time, either.

    His is a story of survival, of making it through to the other side of illness, and of helping others to do the same.

    Filled with personal stories and accounts of what to expect when going through treatment, David’s story is a new kind of handbook for cancer patients. With frank advice, David explains how he has made it through, urging us all to take our health into our own hands.

    Perhaps this is not just David’s story after all, but a cautionary tale for all of us.

    “A wonderful and inspiring book for anyone that has been touched by cancer - whether you’ve had it yourself or know someone who has.”— Sara Clickenger, Board Member, Cancer Hope Foundation

    “David’s story is moving and inspiring. Cancer sucks, but as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry I’m awed by the bravery of cancer sufferers and their loved ones, and by the professionalism and dedication of those who work to improve the lives of cancer patients. As David says, we should never give up!”— Dr. Frederick Goldberg, oncology researcher

    “I was able to read the manuscript Cancer Sucks – A True Story. It not only helped me choose between undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation, it reminded me of why I wanted to live, and to never, ever, give up!”— Bob Steele, cancer survivor Learn More Add to Wishlist

  4. The Chemo Zone

    The Chemo Zone


    Hearing the words cancer and chemotherapy can make you feel as though your world is spinning out of control. Reviewed by a medical advisory board, The Chemo Zone will help you regain your focus. It is an everyday, practical guide to living, flourishing, and staying organized during chemotherapy. The Chemo Zone is an easy-to-use resource that allows you to gain control by providing the tools to track your appointments, medications, treatments, test results, and side effects—all in one convenient place. You’ll also find simple yet helpful advice about daily living during chemo, such as how to manage side effects, diet, exercise, intimacy, pet care, and much more. Part survival guide and part workbook, The Chemo Zone offers support and reassurance to empower you through this stressful, challenging journey.

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  5. Mission Betrayed

    Mission Betrayed


    Mission Betrayed sheds a harsh light on the full, troubling depth of abuse and neglect suffered by American veterans under today’s Veterans Health Administration.

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  6. Facing Parkinson’s

    Facing Parkinson’s


    Facing Parkinson’s is a collection of portraits & stories of people with Parkinson’s disease. 

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