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Chronicles of intrigue, folly, and laughter in the global workplace

Jas Singh, PhD

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  • Paperback: 296 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.00" x 9.00"
  • ISBN: 978-1-62652-551-1
  • Publication Date: 2014-02-18
  • Two Harbors Press

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Travel, humor, romance, diverse cultures, and a fascinating career – Jas is a memoir unlike any other.

Jas Singh is a globetrotting health and safety expert whose implausible journey from a dusty village in Northern India to the pinnacle of the consulting profession is a story of inspiration, sadness, intrigue, joy, romance, and a fair bit of wonder. These stories are remarkable reflections on his life and experiences. 

Stories include:
Jeeto—The Uncut Diamond
— A rustic, uneducated, and beautiful village girl who dreams of marrying a college graduate and going to America.  Silk Pajamas — Shanghai hotel lounge hostesses will go out of their way to make travel weary foreigners feel welcome. Alana Does Not Live Here Anymore — Delivering gifts to a Jewish family in the darkness of a Moscow apartment complex is risky business.  Terre Haute, Indiana — Herb Mossner is a quick-witted super-nerd with irreverence for just about everything.

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“I read the stories about the visit to Russia with interest. Well done and I must say, what memories.”—Dr. Zack Manzdorf, VP, Environment, Health and Safety (retired), L’Oreal Corporation (Paris)

“As Jas has described in this book, the profession of industrial hygiene can be very rewarding, measured by the lives we save and people we meet along the way. The book provides a unique look into the life of a dedicated professional who continues to master the technical field of industrial hygiene while at the same time enjoys life, has fun and does not miss an opportunity to experience the humanity we are dedicated to protect."—John Henshaw, Past OSHA Director/ Assistant Secretary of Labor, USA

“I have to admit I was always leery about chemistry. However Dr. Singh’s stories in Jas relate difficult technical terms with memories and everyday situations in a light and endearing text. He is passionate about his profession and loves to learn about different societies. This book transcends cultural boundaries and will encourage many young readers to consider the industrial hygiene profession."—Ana Paula Medeiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“One of the reasons I am so passionate about our work is that we get the opportunity to help people. My interest in the profession was recently intensified after reading some of Dr. Singh’s stories. I thought, how neat! You can travel the world, have interesting experiences, all the while promoting workplace safety. I never realized that work can be so much fun.”—Kim Heron, Health and Safety Specialist, Alberta, Canada

“Very enjoyable reading. Thank you for sharing.”—Alan Echt, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Washington, DC

“What great stories! Thank you for sharing them.”—Tom Barnett, Special Projects Coordinator Ministry of the Environment, Ontario, Canada

“I have never laughed so loud as I did reading the story Six Basic Rules of Camel Safety. Very funny! Thank you for lightening my morning with this great story.”—Ranee Ramaswamy, Artistic Director Ragamala Dance (an ethnic TV program in Minneapolis), Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

“What interesting experiences you have had! Thanks for taking the time to record them and share them with all of us.”—Barbara Dawson, Corporate Director of Industrial Hygiene DuPont Corporation, Delaware, USA

“I enjoy your stories (even when they don’t involve me). I could have used the instructions in Six Basic Rules of Camel Safety prior to my own attempt to ride a camel. The guide warned me to hang on, but my Arabic was pretty rusty so I understood nothing. It never occurred to me that the beast would rise up from his back legs first. It was quite a surprise.”—Dan MacLeod, CPE Author and Ergonomics Expert, New York

“What interesting stories! Kudos to you! And I will remember Rule No. 6 – Never tether a male camel within eye sight of a female camel in the winter.”—Norhazlina Mydin (Lina), Principal, Industrial Hygiene PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jas Singh, PhD

Dr. Jas Singh is a board-certified industrial hygienist whose implausible journey from a dusty village in India to the height of the health & safety consulting profession is a story of inspiration, sadness, intrigue, and wonder. The chronicles of his expe­riences is a remarkable reflection of life experienced through two extreme lenses. He excelled in school, was encouraged by his family to do his best, worked hard, received an excellent education, built businesses, and has shared his knowledge with many people in his global network.

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