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It Began in the Garden

Understand Your Past for a Healthier Future

Heidi Zwart, MA, Pn2, CPT

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  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.50" x 8.50"
  • ISBN: 978-1-59298-801-3
  • Publication Date: 2017-04-25
  • Beaver's Pond Press

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It Began in the Garden

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Are you tired of dieting? Are your exercise DVDs collecting dust? Do you feel stuck? You’re not alone! And you’re not to blame. Long before you were born, your story started with Earth’s first inhabitants, Adam and Eve, and one small decision.

Integrating her experience as a trained counselor, certified nutrition coach, and personal trainer, Heidi dives into the Genesis narrative to explore our shared battle with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Through stories, humor, and dozens of practical tips, these pages will help you learn how to:

• Make small daily changes for big impact

• Release the blame and shame that have kept you stuck

• Have a “good enough” relationship with food

• Embrace life beyond the scale

• Live at peace with your body

Discover hope, encouragement, and resources for making fresh choices that will lead to a healthier future. Adam and Eve made their choice. Now it’s your turn. Welcome to your new beginning.

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"Everybody knows that healthy eating and fitness are really important. The problem is that talking about them is often both fear- and shame-inducing. Happily, in It Began in the Garden, Heidi Zwart finds a way to talk about this important subject without the platitudes and “you’re doing it wrong” tone that often characterizes conversations on health. Her advice is simple and practical, and she writes from a faith perspective that simultaneously clarifies and enriches the 'why' behind healthy lifestyle choices. And once we understand the 'why', the 'how' becomes much clearer. Sometimes moving forward requires looking back."— Dr. Jim Beilby, professor of Theology, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN

"Reading Heidi’s book was like sitting down for coffee with a trusted friend. Her openness in sharing her own struggles with weight and body image makes her not only a great coach but also a great teammate. The nutrition and wellness advice Heidi shares is spot-on—simple in its approach, but profound in its application. The grace and encouragement Heidi offers along the way inspires a can-do attitude that will put readers on the path toward real and lasting lifestyle change." --Cindy Mather, registered dietitian

"It Began in the Garden is well written, creative, punchy, and readable. Heidi’s warmth and heart for transformation shines through each lesson." --Bob Merritt, senior pastor, Eagle Brook Church

"Do you struggle putting healthy eating habits into place? Does the task seem insurmountable? Then you’ll love Heidi’s approach. It Began in the Garden is about putting small steps into place to change the way you think about fitness, health, and who you are in Christ. Filled with Biblical wisdom, this book offers a simple and sacred approach to living healthy." --Jo Bender, host of Connecting Faith on Faith Radio Network

"Heidi takes a whole approach to health, connecting mind, body, and spirit in ways that not only encourage us to be healthy, but also to be whole. She understands the foundations of growth and change, and her expertise and compassion make it easy to see why she’s such an effective coach. In It Began in the Garden, you’ll value her honest insights and wisdom as she encourages you to make the kinds of small changes that produce big and lasting results! With Heidi as your guide, you’ll have an experienced coach to motivate you, and a relatable, trusted friend and counselor to encourage you along the way in your journey toward health." --Kristen Paulsen, pastor and writer

"Put away the diet books and the how-to books and kick back and savor this one instead. Heidi will take you on a soul-soothing search for the balance and patience you need to make positive changes stick. Habits. Good habits. Recognizing them, developing them, maintaining them is king in this beautifully written book. Prepare to be captivated by Heidi’s poise, humor, and spiritual insight. It Began in the Garden will be a bright spot in your journey to a healthier—inside and out—you!" --Margie Broman, co-author of Bridge to Teen: Biblically Bridging the Gap Between Childhood and Adolescence

Heidi Zwart, MA, Pn2, CPT

Heidi Zwart, MA, Pn2, CPT, is a health and wellness coach who has a Bible degree, a master’s degree in counseling, certifications in nutrition coaching and personal training, and life coach training. This unique blend has allowed her to help hundreds of men and women, as well as churches, move in a healthier direction as a coach, consultant, and writer. She and her husband, Kevin, live south of Boston and have three boys: Andrew, Alex, and Kyle.