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Powered By Hope

The Teri Griege Story

Teri Griege and Amy Marxkors

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  • Paperback: 234 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.50" x 8.50"
  • ISBN: 978-1-62652-838-3
  • Publication Date: 2014-07-15
  • Two Harbors Press

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Powered By Hope

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Powered By Hope reaches across boundary lines and speaks directly to our humanity, touching upon some of the most universally relevant subjects in society: addiction, alcoholism, cancer, death, and faith.

With an engaging narrative, Teri Griege - with the assistance of author Amy Marxkors - chronicles her journey from alcoholic and drug addict to defiant cancer-fighter and Ironman. After she is given a death sentence in the form of stage IV colon cancer, Teri responds by training for one of the most grueling endurance events in the world. The race is a victorious culmination of years of struggle and a personal evolution, one punctuated with tumultuous moments of self-doubt, addiction, rehab, forgiveness, faith, and ultimate victory. 

Powered By Hope is not merely a “cancer book” or a “book for addicts” or a “triathlon book”; instead, it is a story that cuts through labels to reveal that for all of our differences, we are all very human.

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“Ironman inspires like no other sport. It transforms the lives of those who take it on; and those who take it on transform, in turn, the lives of others through the heroism of their deeds. One of the beauties of triathlon is that professionals such as myself get to race on the same stage as the amateurs, sharing the smiles, the grimaces, the highs, the lows, the tears and the joy, united by the same goal—to cross the hallowed finish line. We race together, suffer together and celebrate together. And when one speaks of motivation, it is the recreational athletes who inspire me the most, and none more so than Teri Griege. I had the pleasure and privilege of racing alongside Teri at the World Ironman Championships in Kona 2011, when I was crowned four-time World Champion, and Teri defied all expectations of what people may have deemed possible by finishing that race despite suffering from stage IV colon cancer. Since then I have gotten to know Teri and am honored to now be able to call her a friend. Of course, it is not only her amazing and awe-inspiring achievements that inspire and instill hope in all those around her, it is her tireless and selfless devotion to helping others: racing for a cause that is bigger than herself and altruistically giving back to the world in so many ways. Teri may never get near the race podium, but she is a true hero and the best ambassador for our sport, and for humanity itself, that anyone could possibly think of.”~Chrissie Wellington, Four-Time Ironman World Champion, undefeated at the Ironman distance, author of A Life: Without Limits

“As a sports announcer for Fox, I have had the privilege to witness some dramatic and emotional moments in sports. Teri Griege’s story trumps all. Her fight against life-threatening cancer and her will to win would inspire even the most hardened cynic. As a mom, wife, sister, friend, and triathlete, Teri proves that the right attitude and a desire to win can make miracles happen.”~Joe Buck, Fox Sports, MLB on Fox and NFL on Fox, multiple time Sports Emmy Award winner

“Teri Griege has been on one amazing ride, one that would have destroyed a lesser individual. Her determination and perseverance while battling stage IV colon cancer is beyond inspirational. It’s a look inside a remarkable woman who refuses to give up, continues to live, and makes an impact on all those fortunate enough to know her story.”~Troy Aikman, Hall of Fame quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, 3-Time Super Bowl Champion, NFL on FOX

“The story of Teri Griege is one of unimaginable courage and bold triumph. Against seemingly insurmountable odds, Teri has prevailed in some of the world’s most difficult endurance events. The story is filled with both inspiration and hope and leaves you with the feeling that one can overcome great adversity if you maintain the passion and determination to never let anything stand between you and your goals. Amy Marxkors is the ideal author to capture this story in its intimate detail, not just because she is an excellent writer, but because she has also competed in some of these same endurance races and can capture firsthand the difficulties an athlete faces when putting all on the line.”~Dean Karnazes, ultramarathon runner, New York Times bestselling author of Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner, named one of TIME magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World,” winner of the 2008 ESPY Award for “Best Outdoor Athlete”

“Teri Griege is a truly inspirational person. Her story is compelling and transcends sport.”~Craig Alexander, 3-Time Ironman World Champion, author of As the Crow Flies: My Journey to Ironman World Champion

“Teri’s courageous will is an inspiration to all of us and exemplifies why Stand Up To Cancer is working tirelessly to end this disease once and for all.”~Rusty Robertson, Stand Up To Cancer co-founder, named one of Advertising Age magazine Top 100 Marketers, named one of Success magazine’s “Most Successful Entrepreneurial Women in the United States,” named to Success magazine’s “America’s Super 8 Companies” with RPR & Associates

“Knowing what it takes to compete at the highest level of athletics, I am in awe of the mental and physical strength Teri exhibits. To push through the extreme physical challenge of Ironman training while fighting cancer, to ask so much of the body even while it is undergoing chemotherapy, and to demand discipline and strength of mind while dealing with the realities of disease is truly exceptional. Teri’s is an amazing story, one that is not only powered by hope, but empowering and hope-giving.”~Aeneas Williams, former NFL cornerback, 8 Pro Bowl selections

“Teri’s inspirational story is one I immediately knew would resonate with her peers in the triathlon world. As an editor, I seek out stories that inspire and educate our readers, and Teri’s story of perseverance and spreading awareness does just that.”~Jayme Ramson, Editor-in-Chief, USA Triathlon magazine, the largest triathlon magazine in the U.S.

“Of the over 250,000 Ironman finishers I have witnessed and called to Ironman finish lines worldwide, Teri is one of the most special. Her story and battle to put her cancer aside while always keeping life in the forefront is inspiring. Knowing what she was going through, I was honored to say those special words, “Teri Griege—You are an Ironman!” as she crossed the finish line in Hawaii. It is a moment I will never forget!”~Mike Reilly, “Voice of Ironman,” VP Endurance Event Sales ACTIVE Network, Secretary of Triathlon Business International, Running USA Committee Member

“[Teri’s] determination to continue living her life to the fullest, her enhanced sense of purpose, and the way she has engaged with all of her friends and family since being diagnosed is an incredible inspiration to all of us.”~John DiPersio, M.D., Ph.D., Chief, Division of Oncology, Washington University School of Medicine; Deputy Director, Siteman Cancer Center

“Teri Griege’s perseverance is incredibly inspiring. It’s a reminder of the power of the human spirit, no matter how big the obstacle. This is the story of Teri’s love of sport, of family, of life—and it is captured beautifully by Amy Marxkors.”~Tom Ackerman, Sports Director, KMOX Radio (broadcast in 44 states and most of Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean)

“The ability to translate real-world observations into relatable details on papers is a vastly underrated writing talent. Every time I read Amy’s work, I’m amazed at her mastery of this skill. Her grasp of nuance is incredible, and this will shine through with her telling of Teri’s amazing story.”~Ryan Fagan, staff writer, Sporting News

“I was back in my hometown watching the local news and happened to see Teri’s story. I was very impressed with her dedication and commitment and began rooting for her. A few weeks later, I met Teri and was even more in awe with her positive attitude and spirit. This is the making of a true champion.”~Sarah Haskins, Professional Triathlete, 2012 Olympic Triathlete, 2006 National Champion

“Teri’s story is full of triumph, hope, and inspiration. The fact that her cancer diagnosis saved the lives of her sisters makes her journey even more compelling. Teri will inspire you to embrace the impossible and live your best life.”~Andrew Spiegel, CEO, Colon Cancer Alliance

“Simply put: Teri Griege is Pedal the Cause and Pedal the Cause is Teri Griege. Teri has poured a phenomenal amount of energy into our mission and event, motivating friends and family to participate, raising incredible amounts of donations, and advising PTC as a board member and friend. Most importantly, Teri demonstrates that it is not about the bike, it’s about life. Teri’s passion for making a difference in cancer patients’ lives is evident in the compassion she shows for cancer survivors and fighters and the community she has built to aid in our fight against cancer.”~Jay Indovino, Executive Director, Pedal the Cause

“We are all faced with obstacles, some easy and some seemingly overwhelming. How we respond to each is the key to life. I haven't met a more genuine and committed example of how to respond to life's challenges than Teri. She is an inspiration and a role model for us all. I consider it an amazing privilege to be part of Teri Griege’s world and life.”~Peter Strople, CEO and Chairman, Zero2 Holdings, Friends of Peter; Former Director, Dell Computer; called “The Most Connected Man in America” and considered one of the top business strategists in America

“This is a book that must be read. It is such a unique and inspiring story, giving hope to everyone who reads it. It is going to be my pleasure to promote the book throughout my network. Let’s make it happen!”~Dr. Tom Hill, Entrepreneur, international speaker, author of Living at the Summit and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul

“I have covered World Series, Super Bowls, and Final Fours. Every once in a while, the word ‘courage’ pops up when describing a player who plays with a sprained ankle or a bad knee. But nothing compares to what Teri Griege did in completing the 2011 Ironman World Championship. She won’t let anything get in the way of her goals, not cancer, not a bike accident. [She’s] the toughest woman I know.”~Frank Cusumano, Sports Anchor, KSDK St. Louis

“While Teri has battled against many odds, she continues to become stronger. She positively embarks on new opportunities that add meaning to her life while encouraging others to achieve their life’s ambitions. She is my courageous friend who inspires me daily.”~Nancy Lieberman, President and Founder, GO! St. Louis Events, named St. Louis Business Journal’s 2009“Most Influential Business Woman”

“After hearing Teri’s story, I needed to hear more. After hearing her story firsthand and then getting to meet Teri, I have not only been inspired to live a more active and healthy lifestyle, but to face challenges in life with a fresh perspective. I have personally shared Teri’s story with others facing life challenges… Teri’s story must be told. Power on!~Rich Daniels, Yurbuds Chief Operating Officer

“Inspiration. That word has but one definition, and it comes from Teri’s journey and amazing courage. The moment she crossed the finish line in Kona, she showed all of us that we can accomplish anything.”~Daniel Deville, Yurbuds Director of Marketing

“Over the course of my career I have interviewed presidents of nations, CEOs of corporations, and world class athletes, all considered by the masses as heroes or icons. None compare to the wisdom and strength of Teri Griege. She is an inspiring force of nature whose contributions to those of us in the fight is immeasurable. In the darkest hours of chemo, I would think of Teri and her journey. She is a real hero, and an inspiration and gift to those fortunate enough to hear her story and message of hope.”~Leisa Zigman, Chief Investigative Reporter KSDK –TV, cancer survivor

“The Teri Griege journey is a story of strength forged not from fear but from the fires of hope. Just as forged steel is stronger than the chemical element, her results are stronger than one. Her story is the witness of what is possible by the will of the human spirit. Her inspiration will leave you changed forever.”~John J. Murphy, Mayo Clinic Public Affairs

“Teri’s diagnosis shows that any one of us could be touched by cancer at any time. Her continued strength and determination show the true spirit of many who face the disease and rise above it.”~April Dzubic, Communications Director, American Cancer Society

“Teri Griege is an amazing inspiration and champion of life. She has a terrific heart and a strong passion to fight to make a difference in the lives of others. Her story of triumph and adversity will empower you to persevere through the obstacles and challenges of life.”~Ben Newman, International speaker and author of #1 Business Best-Seller Own YOUR Success, named by Napoleon Hill Foundation one of the “Top 51 Speakers and Thought Leaders in the World”

“Against all odds—stage IV colon cancer which spread to the liver, radiotherapy, two surgeries, and the adversities of chemotherapy—Teri completed the Ironman in Kona. Her race is a testament to her courage and perseverance. She is a true inspiration for all cancer patients to reach their dreams.”~Benjamin Tan, M.D., Medical Oncologist, Siteman Cancer Center, Barnes-Jewish Hospital

“Teri Griege epitomizes resilience in dealing with life’s difficulties and refusing to give up. It is her inner character and strength that allow her to rebound from her misfortune and touch so many in such a motivational way. She had chosen to make a difference and does not make excuses; she just produces results.”~Bill Koman, President, The Koman Group

It seems that the enormous strength and will that Teri has in her fight against cancer comes out when she is in her glory—swimming, biking, and running… People have heard her story and reach out to her with the hopes of finding strength in their own battle with cancer. We often play the 2011 Ironman World Championship video during class, which features Teri and her beautiful story. She touches us daily.”~Sally Drake, Owner, Swim Bike Run St. Louis

“Teri is the personification of perseverance and grace under pressure. Her tenacity in competing in the Ironman through incredible health challenges is inspiring, but what is more inspiring is her dedication to causes greater than herself—in this case, spreading awareness of the need for prevention and early detection of colon cancer. She has taken the challenges in her life and turned them into a tremendous force for good, and that is an example worth following.”~Richard McClure, President, UniGroup, Inc., parent company of United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit

 “I know Teri very well and have known her through triathlon circles long before she was diagnosed. She is truly a great athlete and fierce competitor, but always and everywhere warm and compassionate… Instead of quitting or wallowing in pity, she is aggressively fighting her disease and making people aware of the importance of getting screened for colon cancer.”~Tom Irwin, Executive Director, St. Louis Civic Progress, An organization of the CEOs of the top 30 companies in the St. Louis region

“Most athletes experience setbacks, so it’s not that unusual to look at training as recovery or as a way to get back to where you were. Teri’s approach to training and competition is about coming back while the setback is occurring—a different and more powerful approach.”~Mike Weiss, Owner, Big Shark Bicycle Company

“Everyone talks about drive and passion, but Teri is pure drive and passion. Teri Griege’s story reminds us that our personal best is buried inside and that it’s our responsibility to find it.”~Kristin Tews, Personal Best Radio (Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin)

“It has been an honor to watch Teri live out her faith in the midst of the trauma of cancer. If anyone gets the devastating diagnosis of cancer, they need to hear Teri’s story and dig to the bottom of why she is able to fight like a champion.”~Judy West, Pastor, Leader and Staff Development at Windsor Crossing Church

“Teri Griege’s story is an inspiration to all of us who encounter suffering, reminding us that self-pity is a choice. Her decision to use her affliction to make a positive difference for herself and her family—and, importantly, to bring awareness and funding for prevention—is a remarkable testament of faith and courage.”~Derek Glanville, President and COO, McCarthy Building Companies, one of the top 10 commercial builders in the United States

“Teri is just a truly amazing individual. Lots of folks talk about how someone is ‘all in’ when it comes to something he or she is passionate about, but in whatever Teri is doing, she is driven like no one else I’ve met... She makes you reflect on your own life. She inspires you.”~Terry Egger, President, Publisher, and CEO, The Plain Dealer, Ohio’s largest newspaper

“When I met Teri, I was amazed by her story. Her passion for the sport combined with her drive to win her battle with cancer is both inspirational and motivating. I admire her greatly for channeling her experiences into a message that will raise awareness of cancer. Her desire to educate people and use her personal story to help save the lives of others is noble. I have been a motivational speaker for years and a corporate leader in the sports industry, and I am looking forward to seeing thousands of lives changed for the better as a result of Teri’s story.”~Kurt Hansen, CEO, Innovative Timing Systems

“Teri took charge and took to task the ‘competition’ with this dreadful disease… Teri had already proven that she was gifted at defeating the competition in sports and athletics, but now she finds the strength for this new competition inside herself—through the power of hope and prayer. She used the same power and prepared for the same outcome—nothing less than to win. Teri is an inspiration.”~Gary VonderHaar, Group Executive, MasterCard

Teri Griege

Amy Marxkors

Amy L. Marxkors lives in the rural outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri, an ardent athlete who spends her time running marathons and playing ice hockey. Amy’s first book, The Lola Papers: Marathons, Misadventures, and How I Became a Serious Runner, was released in 2012 by Breakaway Books, New York. Amy currently writes a weekly column for FLEET FEET Sports, St. Louis. Powered By Hope: The Teri Griege Story is Amy’s second book.