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Godzilla and Human Radiation: Global Poems (2012–2017)

John Patrick Acevedo

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  • Paperback: 254 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.25" x 9.25"
  • ISBN: 9781545616192
  • Publication Date: 2018-03-06
  • Synergy Press

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Godzilla and Human Radiation: Global Poems (2012–2017)

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We are stronger alone rarely because only when we accept our differences, will others become weak out of anger for the collective progress that best serves the needs for mutual change. Yet usually individuals without hope feel that those who claim to be without hunger are weak to their desires for authority. This lack of hunger is what creates fragmentation within a diversified society. The hunger created from ‘good works’ is all about the ambiguous fear that walks the ambivalent line between faith and doubt. Yet good works tend to profit more from the inequity of cultural fragmentation than they do from the equity the individual creates from his realization of and desire for the autonomy his translations of purpose, justice, and hope can have upon individual or social authority. Acevedo writes for the worker, speaks of market as if it were a Godzilla for good work ethics. He makes life itself into a 'Lost Colony' from Manteo, North Carolina, love's radiations the stage for his revelations of true lies and unrequited love, where compromise is the metaphysics of acceptance and asceticism the journey for gnostic change.

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John Patrick Acevedo

John Patrick Acevedo, publisher, poet, has been reading and writing poetry for over 30 years. His fascination with Singer-Songwriters of the 60's, 70's, and 80's such as James Taylor, Michael McDonald, and Marvin Gaye with the iconic concept songs 'Fire and Rain' and 'Sexual Healing' inspired Acevedo to further a gnostic axiom taken right out of the Old and New Testament few have successfully used, none as an esoteric Zeitgeist, "give and take".

John Patrick's first poem to be published was "Volcanic Gravity" by Gitana Press in 2003. It was included in an anthology that featured the poetry of 31 Maryland poets. In 2008, with a poem about capitalism through Native American eyes, his poem "Siren Song" was published by the Howard Community Times. Acevedo's poetry was published in a blog in 2009. Acevedo has numerous video poems on YouTube.com and two film shorts about his beginnings as a poet entitled 'Windows Into Poetry: John Patrick Acevedo' (2014) produced by Theologist Prince Kwasi Mensah and 'Holy Bible Sociology! A Journey Into the Soul of John Patrick Acevedo' (2016) which was also published by Synergy Press. His classic 14-poem Spoken Word cd recording entitled 'The Mad City Coffee Reading' was published in 2013 as well.

Acevedo has marketed and sold his Synergy Press books through synergy-press.org and its market.synergy-press.org e-store since 2015. His eight 'outsider' books redefine sociology as "socio-gnosis" and Acevedo considers himself an expert on bridging the worker/market confusion between the subjective/objective autonomy with his active/passive interpretations of human nature as gnostic longing. Acevedo was a top-performer in sales with Best Buy for 20 years. He reads at libraries and bookstores and promotes Synergy Press in his hometown of Columbia, MD.

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