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Ready or Not…Here We Come!

The REAL Experts’ Guide to the First Year with Twins

Elizabeth Lyons

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  • Paperback: 261 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.50" x 8.50"
  • ISBN: 978-0-9746990-2-8
  • Publication Date: 2007-04-01
  • Finn-Phyllis Press, Inc.

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Ready or Not…Here We Come!

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2nd Edition, updated and expanded!

You’ve expanded (to the point where you’ve traded high-fashion maternity wear for your husband’s XXL T-shirts), answered way too many questions about your babies’ conception, and felt your belly bounce like jelly as your dynamic duo engaged in a boxing match. And the adventure has only begun!

In her first humor-packed guide to raising twins, Elizabeth Lyons and her “multiples” sorority offer the wisdom of their combined experience in the form of practical shortcuts, real-world strategies, and sage advice.

Topics include:
- Preparing the Lair: Mandatory Gear for Babies and Mom
- Twinproofing Your Marriage
- Breastfeeding Strategies (and Why It’s Okay if You Don’t)
- Unsolicited Advice: Stories from the Trenches
- Getting Twins on a Schedule—Preferably the Same One

Lyons balances the day-to-day challenges of raising twins—from double feedings to sleep deprivation to getting out while pretending everything’s under control—with a sanity-saving dose of camaraderie. By the end, you’ll be smiling and shouting, “Thank heaven, I’m not alone!”

“The advice you need in the short, funny format your sleep-deprived mind can absorb.”—Lisa Earle McLeod, author of Forget Perfect

“Elizabeth Lyons’ humorous yet realistic perspective provides new parents of twins with a great starting point from which to embark on that all-important first year.”—Dr. Bob Covert, Leading Chicagoland neonatologist

“Elizabeth Lyons captures the universal discourse of sisterhood while guiding new mothers of twins through the first year.”—Kathy Voit, RNC, Labor and Delivery nurse

“Real-world advice with a healthy dose of humor from a mom of twins who’s been there!”—Nancy Bowers, RN, author of The Multiples Pregnancy Sourcebook

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Elizabeth Lyons

Elizabeth Lyons lives in Arizona, because it's sunny even on days when it looks like an F5 tornado hit her home. Even then, she continually coordinates—while consuming vast amounts of chocolate—a busy household that includes a heroic husband, a dramatic daughter, and an indescribable set of twin boys (who now have an energetic younger brother). Her articles and advice have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Parenting, Pregnancy, The Baby Years, First for Women, Blue Suit Mom, Better Home & Gardens, and on numerous websites. Visit Elizabeth's website at www.elizabethlyons.com

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