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Dream Me Awake

Lessons from a Spiritual Journey

Doreen Johnson

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  • Paperback: 234 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.50" x 8.50"
  • ISBN: 9781634891752
  • Publication Date: 2018-11-13
  • Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Availability: Forthcoming, Due 11/2018

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Dream Me Awake

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What is success, and who defines it?

Doreen Johnson built the perfect traditional life for herself: a high-powered career, a husband, children, and a home to call her own. It was everything she always thought she wanted . . . but something was still lacking. She struggled to find gratitude for the abundance in her life.

Dream Me Awake is an inspiring and heartfelt story of transforming pain into joy, of creating an authentic and fulfilling life, of what it means to surrender in order to find true freedom, and of rediscovering faith in people.

Johnson’s journey through loss, poverty, and the healing of deep trauma ultimately led to her great awakening, as she learned that only by allowing herself to be humble and fully experience every aspect of life could she truly be free.

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Dream Me Awake is an inspiring story about one woman’s daring journey to follow her heart and spirit. Doreen’s writing invites us to find the still place within that transforms pain into compassion, vulnerability into strength and darkness into light.” —Stephanie McGovern

“This book will gently warm your heart and soul, lift your spirit to new heights, and kindle your radiance within so that you too may find you way back home.” —George Green

“In the book, Dream Me Awake, Doreen shares her journey home; from sexual abuse and secrecy to freedom and authenticity. Her truth telling illuminates the powerful choice of love and connection.” —Claudia Mennel

“Few have experienced, endured, coped, and recovered as has this Sacred Woman. Truly an amazing insight into the absolute necessity of honesty, community, and ceremony in the critical realm of individual healing.” —Dave Murphy

Doreen Johnson

Doreen Johnson’s personal journey from a “traditional” life with a demanding corporate job to a life guided by a higher calling gives her a unique perspective from which to guide others to greater awareness and purpose.

Johnson is at the forefront of the evolution of new leadership. Through skilled coaching and facilitation, she teaches corporations, women’s groups, and young adults that the new way forward is not through advantage but through connection. Her body of work, “The Aware Way” (theawareway.com), teaches people how to listen deeply and be fully present so that they can take the next right step along their journey.