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Carline's Fork and Cork

Simply Delish!

Carline Bengtsson

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  • Hardcover: 70 pages
  • Dimensions: 8.50" x 11.00"
  • ISBN: 978-0-9908159-0-7
  • Publication Date: 2015-01-06
  • CarlineB Enterprises LLC

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Carline's Fork and Cork

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Effortless creativity in presenting fresh organic ingredients based meals, paired with flavorful wines that drives captivating conversations around the dinner table is what Carline’s Fork & Cork Simply Delish! provides individuals, who are looking for a unique culinary experience, that brings together a fusion of culturally rich and identifiable ingredients from Jamaica, Scandinavia, Asian and in between. Turning food ingredients into works of art both pleasing to the eye and equally tasteful to the palette are the inspirations behind her cooking style.  Making all things simply delish! is the goal of her mosaic culinary inspirations.  

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"The current trend of Local, Organic and Sustainable cooking is how I grew up. The connection that Carline makes with these principles tells me that it is in her DNA as well. The wines and the pairings are superb and the fact that they are from a local vineyard indicates her commitment to her environment large and small. She shows the experience beyond her years in the kitchen." — David Fhima, Chef

“If a delightfully exquisite experience for your palette is what you crave then Carline’s kitchen is where you need to be. The moment you arrive you are greeted by her beautifully presented table adorned with a calculated beauty to complement her meal. Any meal prepared by Carline is not only delicious but it is a visual feast for the eyes. You should arrive hungry but prepare to leave with a fulfillment that can only be satisfied by the love and attention to detail she uniquely provides.” — Dawn Holtz, Maple Grove, Minnesota

“When you dine with Carline, you will be amazed with the table settings and presentation of the various courses. Carline takes pride in making your dining experience enjoyable beyond your expectations. You will be thrilled with her attention to detail. Each course will be served with separate plates, silver, and is designed with style and elegance. Once you have experienced the various courses cooked to perfection you will be convinced that your dining experience was unrivaled and you’ll be asking for the recipes.” —Raymond Harris, Spring Park, Minnesota

“My experience with Carline’s cooking is always excellent. Dining at her table is warm and inviting. Her cooking is exemplary: well prepared, tastefully done, and presented with an artistic are. She also focuses on different types of menus that capture the appetite of her guest. She is truly a talented cook.” — Edna and Larry Alter, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Carline Bengtsson

Carline Bengtsson began her “mosaic” life in Jamaica where she was born before moving to Minnesota in the summer of 1973. Although her education was grounded in the Catholic and Lutheran faiths, Carline grew up in the Covenant church where she cultivated her Scandinavian roots through her faith, love of music and shared Swedish traditions. In 1988, a chance meeting on a boat outing brought Carline together with her husband-to-be, Lars Johan Georg Bengtsson, born and raised in Sweden, but now at home in Minnesota. Carline and Lars married in the fall of 1994 and resided for fifteen years in downtown St. Paul with a panoramic view of the waters of the Mississippi River on which they first met. Carline is described by her family and friends as a medical device industry specialist, a sports enthusiast, passionate soprano, biker chick, fashion and interior design diva, hostess supreme, and connoisseur AND chef of enticing and deliriously delicious eats.