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Lady in the Moon

A Novel in Stories

Connie Claire Szarke

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  • Paperback: 274 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.00" x 9.00"
  • ISBN: 978-0-9885363-4-0
  • Publication Date: 2016-06-01
  • Heron Bay Publishing

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Lady in the Moon

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Oh, those formation years—coming of age never ends until it’s time to leave this earth for good. Callandra Mae Lindstrom, a once feisty girl grown into a promising young woman, approaches her middle years altered by an abusive marriage.

During the road trip back home from Illinois, where she and her father Will traveled in search of Uncle Amer’s gravesite, Callie spends time behind the wheel coming to terms with her personal struggles. In doing so, she reflects on the lives of others, including former residents of Masterton, her captivating hometown. The ways in which these people survived or succumbed to their own painful experiences serve as critical lessons, helping Callie to get on in the world as she alternately stumbles and dances through this part of her life.

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“This early morning I finished reading ‘Lady in the Moon.’ I really enjoyed the way you write about places and people, so precise, colorful and sensitive which makes things familiar in those "tranches de vies" as we'd say in French; sometimes…it reminded me of an America which actually I never knew. After finishing the book I listened to the interview on the radio and liked the way you read aloud because the music of the language adds another touch to what is written. Thanks a lot for bringing Minnesota—and Paris, but that's much closer—into my vacation!”—Martine K., Strasbourg, France

“Carrying her own psychic wounds with a feisty grace, Szarke’s Callie Lindstrom expresses remarkable empathy and insight in telling the stories of troubled others in her life. This beautifully detailed, soulful work is a touch gritty and a touch angry over insensitivity and unfairness in the world it describes. And yet there is as well an underlying love for people and place in these stories, and a sort of joy emergent through the depth and honesty in Szarke’s telling of them.”—Joe Paddock, poet, oral historian, author of Circle of Stones

“Of all the writers I know, few possess more discipline and commitment to the craft than Connie Szarke. That dedication is apparent in all of her writing but especially so in her delicately drawn characters. She obviously loves her main character, Callie, now grown up since Delicate Armor, and you’ll love her too.”—Stephen Wilbers, author, columnist, and writing instructor

“I took my time reading Delicate Armor because the book was like a friend and I didn’t want our relationship to end!”—Debbie Pea

“…I think [of] the line in her book ‘Keep in mind, once you turn your back on a place, you have no choice but to look forward. That is unless you want to stew in your own juices, pining for a past that’s impossible to hold onto.’ Thank you…for writing this wonderful book. I look forward to you writing more!”—Diana Persig

"Having read all three of your books (trilogy), the most recent being Lady in the Moon, I wish to thank you for the prodigious amount of creative thought you put into this book of short stories, all tied together in a long reflective car trip of Callie with her father, Will.

"Callie’s journey in life crossed the paths of people from all walks of life. They forced me, the reader, to think about my own stories of people whose paths crossed mine or mine, theirs. Thank you for your labors of love within this book. My whole life I always thought of “Man in the Moon” but you continue to help me on my journey to ‘see’ “Woman in the Moon” as co-equal with man.”

"You have a writing gift, using words so eloquently to introduce characters who grow in size and memory and significance as you write.  Keep up the great work!" — Don Draayer, former Superintendent, Minnetonka School District


"This novel in stories is the third in the author’s Callie series, following her award-wining 'Delicate Armor' and 'A Stone for Amer.'  Like her previous books, this one is easy to read and brings to life ordinary people.

"Callie and her dad, Will, are driving 350 miles back from Illinois where they searched for the grave of Uncle Amer, who was like a father to Will and his estranged brother. Callie’s thoughts about her life and others who have troubles are the impetus for the stories. We learn of Callie’s efforts to save her marriage, even though her husband had a violent temper and threw her out. She recalls relatives she knew in childhood and how she became stronger by seeing how others in their small town lived their lives." — Mary Ann Grossmann, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Connie Claire Szarke

Connie Claire (Peterson) Szarke, award-winning Minnesota author, came of age in the Southwestern part of the state, influenced by life on the prairie, among farms, small towns, woods, and lakes. As a former high school French teacher and lifelong pianist, Szarke’s links with European culture, history, and the arts provide her with additional material for her novels and short stories. She currently lives on a lake west of the Twin Cities.

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