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Beatrice and Blossom (Runt Farm, Book 2)

Amanda Lorenzo and Mark Evan Walker,

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  • Hardcover: 120 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.50" x 7.50"
  • ISBN: 978-0-9800952-1-0
  • Publication Date: 2009-08-01
  • BooktiMookti Press

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Beatrice and Blossom (Runt Farm, Book 2)

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In Book 2 of the Runt Farm series, when mouse friends Cletus and Tooth hear a bunny moaning in the weeds, they rush to help her. Flop-eared and big-footed Beatrice is an excellent fit for the farm. She actually pulls off a rescue of her very own! Finding a soggy squirrel in a tight spot, Beatrice digs in and gets the shivering fellow back to the barn. Soon she and Blossom are like sister and brother. Beatrice even teaches him to play marbles--sort of.

The mice engage in vocabulary-building banter as they seek to provide stability and safety for their adopted multi-species brood, including Kitten and The Peep, a newbie duckling. Using recycled findings, Cletus invents a vehicle just in time to help Blossom retrieve a precious object of admiration and overcome his biggest fear in the bargain. But it’s a hop, spin, wobble kind of a day when Blossom loses all his marbles and Beatrice stumbles on more than one way to win.

“The first two Runt Farm books, Under New Management and Beatrice and Blossom, are appealing books, just the right size and length for the 6-10 age group. They are also age-appropriate in topic, excellent for the young ones who read beyond grade/age level. The glossary is a nice touch.
As a librarian, I see these fitting well with the "easy fiction" books -- a nice transition from controlled vocabulary readers to fiction chapter books. They offer a good starting place for parents and others reading aloud to children who are looking for something short and not as daunting as the longer books.
The colorful Runt Farm book covers pull you right in. Mark Evan Walker does a fantastic job with the black and white line drawings as well -- fanciful and just slightly cartoonish. Full page illustrations will be pored over by appreciative readers: Kitten and The Peep on their perilous water journey; the evil weasel; the recurrent dragonfly. Lots of action, with charmingly depicted characters fully engaged in their adventures.
Both books have gentle lessons--oh, the fire and The Peep depicted with a cigar!
I adored Under New Management and liked Beatrice and Blossom, too. The diversity of the Runt Farmers will be appreciated by all kinds of families, adding yet another wonderful element to the series. Everyone can find a place inside this delicious group. I look forward to their meetup with the wicked NAARFers! Danger always adds appeal (as does the fire in Book 1).”
--Toni Myers, retired librarian

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Amanda Lorenzo

Amanda Lorenzo is a former diversity trainer with a background in music education and computer technology. She and book editor Ceci Miller created the Runt Farm series to offer fun, diversity-friendly children’s stories that encourage literacy and learning. Ms. Lorenzo lives in Seattle, Washington.

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Mark Evan Walker,

Award-winning illustrator Mark Evan Walker has extensive experience in editorial illustration, fine art and scenic design. Mr. Walker holds a degree from The Art Institute of Dallas.

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