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A Symphony of Rivals

Roma Calatayud-Stocks

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  • Hardcover: 428 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.00" x 9.00"
  • ISBN: 9780998731933
  • Publication Date: 2018-08-01
  • Calumet Editions

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A Symphony of Rivals

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A Symphony of Rivals, the second book in a trilogy, is a compelling historical novel set in 1930s Germany, Austria, Italy, and the United States. Alejandra Stanford Morrison pursues her dream of becoming a symphonic conductor at an unfortunate time when culture and the arts are falling under the influence of Nazism, but through her devotion to music and Beethoven’s legacy, she finds a measure of hope and strength.

In Berlin, she meets and trains with renowned European conductors, and through her friends Hannah and Ben Adelman she meets art dealer Anton Everhardt, who falls in love with her. Alejandra’s musical talent is a double-edged sword which places her at the center of a dangerous political world, where she attracts the unwanted attention of a high ranking German officer. While attempting to maintain her integrity, Alejandra confronts harrowing situations, which challenge her principles; and, when the upheaval and violence of the Nazi ascendency spreads to Vienna, Alejandra must choose between staying with her family in America or risking everything by returning to Europe in search of her dearest friends.

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Roma Calatayud-Stocks

Award-winning novelist and composer Roma Calatayud-Stocks holds a Bachelor's degree in Music and Psychology, and a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. She later continued her studies in creative writing at the University of St. Thomas.

Roma is the author of two historical novels A Song in My Heart, and the newly released second installment of her trilogy, A Symphony of Rivals. She's currently working on the third book, An Ode to Joy. And in line with her life passion and commitment to bring forth the contributions of all cultures through the arts, Roma's narratives, set to music, provide a window to locations across the world while also addressing poignant issues, politics of the era, and history.

Roma has released two albums: "A Song in My Heart," and "Carnival of Life." With classical, jazz, and Latin musical influences, the albums, performed by an acoustic ensemble, showcase her original songs and instrumental compositions.

For the last twenty years, Roma has served in various roles for art organizations in the Twin Cities. She has toured the United States to present her work to universities, libraries, corporations, women's clubs and book fairs. A native of Mexico City, Roma now lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Tom.

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