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To Wendy's With Love

the 22-year lunch

Diane Keyes

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  • Paperback: 164 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.50"
  • ISBN: 978-0-9767999-4-8
  • Publication Date: 2017-01-27
  • Third Child Press

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To Wendy's With Love

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Award-winning author, Diane Keyes, tells of her journey from heartache to wholeness in her memoir, To Wendy’s With Love. Forty years after a brain hemorrhage stole her childhood and left her feeling alone and angry, Keyes began having lunch with her mom every week, finding healing in an unlikely place—a fast-food restaurant. What happens along the way is a tribute to the power of the family meal—changing her life and all those who join Diane and her mom around the Wendy’s table. It is there the pieces come together, perspectives shift, old memories find new meaning, and new memories are made. Pull up a chair and let the book’s powerful lessons on relationship change your life.

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“In my decade as a TV reporter, an executive coach, and radio host, I've interviewed thousands of people. They may be newsworthy but their experiences are rarely unique. Diane Keyes' experience at Wendy's is eye-opening, authentic, and as American as a burger with fries; a story impossible to replicate. Filled with love and lessons for us all, this book is the recipe you’ll wish you’d created as your own family legacy.” —Presence Engineer & Host of News & Views with Roshini Rajkumar, CBS Radio Minneapolis

“As a marriage and family therapist, I often help clients find ways to foster the love and commitment needed to build and sustain relationships. Through delightful and courageous storytelling, Diane Keyes shares how her own family tradition of gathering at Wendy’s for lunch, has cemented the bonds of affection and led to never-imagined good things.  To Wendy’s With Love; Such inspiration; and the perfect blueprint for family success. I’ll be recommending it often.” — Dr. Jeanne M. Wiger, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist

“To Wendy’s With Love by Diane Keyes is so much more than a good read. It is a great book.  The difference?  A good book entertains, a great book entertains and effortlessly gives each reader a piece of the puzzle we call life. If you want to enjoy a great book that will make you laugh, cry, and think; “To Wendy’s With Love” is the book you must read.  Diane Keyes’ stories are a testament to the power of connection, love, and gratitude. I thoroughly enjoyed this roadmap to building and maintaining loving relationships.”  — Rob Bell, Service Experience Expert, RobSpeaks.com

“A pure delight.  I smiled, giggled and cried. And through it all I felt connected.  To Wendy’s With Love has left me feeling grateful and enriched.  Most of all, it has inspired me to start my own 22-year lunch.”—Jen Grant, Owner Inspiring Radiance

“In To Wendy’s With Love, Diane Keyes reveals how courage, faith, and attitude can foster reconciliation anytime, anywhere. This poignant memoir illustrates that silence can wound but words can heal. Bravo, Diane.”—Caryn Sullivan, Author and Award-winning columnist

“To Wendy's With Love is positively heartwarming and inspirational. It reminds me of the old Italian saying, "At the table, no one grows old." Diane Keyes invites us to pull up a chair to enjoy and absorb the message in the meals. You will be moved to nurture and cherish your own family story.”—Jayne Morgan, Ph.D. Author of Workplace Gems

“Diane Keyes has captured a heartwarming story of reconciliation and connection that resonates with us all. She shares the importance of the family meal as a strong tradition in our lives that can have a ripple effect across relationships and the world. This book will make you laugh, cry, and want to re-connect with your loved ones in a deeper way. And it's a perfect example of how service industry workers can truly impact the lives of their customers in a meaningful way. If you loved Tuesdays with Morrie or The Glass Castle, this book is your next must-read.”—Kristen Brown, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

“Absolutely incredible and touching and funny and, and, and...  I sobbed, I laughed, I related. So many families with so many secrets.  What would it look like if we could all have lunch once a week and repair our past? Thank you for telling your moving story in To Wendy’s With Love, and giving me hope that someday my own family may find their way back to each other.”—Beth M. Anderson, Sailing Captain

 “I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN. To Wendy’s With Love is the type of book that you’ll wish you had written, but didn’t dare. In this beautifully written memoir, Diane Keyes peels back the layers of her own life to give hope and inspiration to anyone longing for a relationship that just doesn’t fit neatly into the fictional family we all idealize. Diane Keyes does a beautiful job of embracing the flaws and loving the family that imperfectly formed her. The magic of this story is that it didn't take a catastrophic event to change things—all it took was saying ‘yes’ to lunch...and then saying yes again the next week.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with a family.” The message that sharing meals together is a way to learn to love each other—again, is one that will resonate with all of us.”—Lynn Garthwaite, author and non-profit director of Books on Wings

“Families can be fun, but they can also be challenging. Diane touchingly shares her experiences with family secrets and challenges in To Wendy’s With Love. By casually reaching out through weekly lunches, Diane and her family are able to open up, move on, and build closer relationships. Families can bond over time and get stronger, and happily, this book shows us how we can bring it back to our own families.”—Heidi J. Peterson

“To Wendy's With Love is a touching and humorous account of how twenty two years of weekly lunches at Wendy's fostered intergenerational healing, friendship, and joy for Diane Keyes and her extended family. Painful memories and family secrets lost their power as camaraderie and love grew with every gathering. Her stories and portrayals of family members, friends and favorite servers remind us of the preciousness of a shared meal with the special people in our lives.”—Mary Treacy O'Keefe, MA, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Director

 “A must read, this simple, yet profoundly poignant story is a living tribute to those who choose to say “yes” to a joy-filled life and serves as gentle encouragement for those who have yet to find the courage. Beautifully written, To Wendy’s With Love captures the true essence of life—the simple joy of being with individuals simply because they are, while its gentle message of healing speaks to the personal growth and gratitude that ascend from it.”  —Patricia Johnson, Corporate Marketing Communications Director

“It’s wonderful knowing that in a world where good service and hospitality are fast disappearing, it’s still alive at Wendy’s. Sign me up. Who wouldn’t want what Diane and her family have found there?”  —Pamela Muldoon, Next Stage Business Network

“To Wendy's With Love is a wise and powerful story of family, healing, faith and grace, and how sitting together over a meal changes lives. For single women, divorcing women, all women yearning to create connection in this troubled, impersonal world.  To Diane Keyes with love, thank you for writing this beautiful book.”—Barb Greenberg, Founder/CEO Rediscovering U, premier divorce support for women

“Diane Keyes’ memoir, “To Wendy’s With Love”, is a beautiful testimonial to loving the moment and the family we’re in. This poignant and touching story will make you laugh and cry alike as the lunch bunch relationships multiply and deepen with the passing months and years.  I’d love to be in the Keyes/Andersen family!”—Gloria VanDemmeltraadt, author of Musing and Munching.

“To Wendy’s With Love is about several generations of a family: grandparents, parents; siblings, kids and grandkids. Like many families, things have gone unsaid and longtime secrets withheld. Damages worked their way through the decades, never resolved. In the midst of this, the author and a few relatives began to have a weekly lunch together at Wendy’s Restaurant. These weekly lunches grew to include many family members and after 22 years, are still happening. In the welcoming environment of ‘their’ Wendy’s, unspoken hurts and feelings emerged, resolving differences and pulling the family closer. Perhaps that’s what we all need – a commitment to spend time together, eat lunch in a comfortable spot and talk. We can all gain from reading this touching memoir.”—Merle Minda, writer and columnist

“Food is medicine” and so is family. In To Wendy’s With Love, author Diane Keyes beautifully illustrates that although it may not always be possible to get dinner on the table every night, there are easy and enjoyable ways to connect over a hot meal on a regular basis—an important factor in preventing eating disorders and strengthening family relationships.”—Becky Henry, Trainer, Parent Coach, Author, Owner Hope Network, LLC

“As a long-time member of the lunch bunch, I’ve witnessed many of the wonderful things that have happened over the years at Wendy’s. I am happy and grateful to be included in what has become one of the highlights of my week, and delighted Diane has used her talents so others can discover the secret for themselves.” — Jolene G., lunch bunch member

Diane Keyes

With an extensive and eclectic background, author Diane Keyes has worked as a home stager, speaker, pastoral care minister, marriage retreat director, grief group facilitator and adult education instructor.

Her children’s book, Spirit of the Snowpeople, was released by Down East Books in October of 2008, breaking the company’s sixty-year record for pre-release sales and selling out the first printing less than three weeks after its publication date.

Her home staging book This Sold House, received two gold awards from the Midwest Independent Publishers’ Association in the business and how-to categories, edging out Notre Dame Press for the business award. 

Educated at the University of Minnesota, the Diaconate Formation Program –through the University of St. Thomas School of Divinity, and the Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Diane lives in Minneapolis with her husband Tom. She has two married children and two perfect grandchildren.

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