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  1. Princess Sophia’s Gifts

    Princess Sophia’s Gifts


    At its essence, Princess Sophia's Gifts is a true story of a family's survival in the wake of personal tragedy. Written as a fairy tale, the story provides a way to examine the gifts or personal strengths within everyone, especially those who are different. When a kingdom's beloved Princess suffers a tragic accident, it underscores the realization that loss can happen to anyone. Princess Sophia chokes on a seed, and her life changes irrevocably. As she hovers somewhere between life and death, the Princess "meets" spirit women who give her special gifts for her return to life as a severely disabled child. Like all families, the Royal family is devastated by Sophia's tragedy. Trying to make sense of it, they journey to find a cure, to restore life to the way it once was. But life will never be the same; in some ways, it may even be better. In a story of unfolding wisdom, the family discovers that not all questions have answers; and that in loss there is also opportunity for growth and healing. Learn More Add to Wishlist
  2. The Able Life of Cody Jane

    The Able Life of Cody Jane


    Marly Cornell tells the story of her daughter Cody, a person of joyful spirit and infectious humor who travels, falls in love more than once, commits to a life partner, advocates for others, and achieves a life of independence—in spite of plentiful and confining physical disabilities. Whether dealing with school, relationships, sex, work, Internet romance, multiple surgeries, bias, barriers, or fear, Cody’s charming combination of innocence, wisdom, and sense of fun have a profound effect on everyone she encounters.

    Through this story of love, laughter, faith, and miracles, Marly illuminates the deeper truth, allowing us a glimpse at something Cody knew all about, the complete inability of circumstance to deflect greatness of spirit, a reminder that each day of life is best engaged with a sense of achievement and celebration.

    “The most moving chronicle of life in our special world that I have read to date. An uplifting must-read.”--Paul Olson, CEO, Freedom in Wheelchairs

    “Marly Cornell tells Cody's story in an engaging way that will not only touch you but will introduce you to a person who has much to teach us about the values we claim to embrace but often ignore.”--Gary L. Francione, Author of Animals as Persons, Rain Without Thunder; Professor, Rutgers University School of Law

    “Reading this book while going through life-threatening health challenges, I learned more about going forward, knowing I’m living a productive life—and that I deserve to ask and expect more from healthcare.”--Julia Washenberger, Disability Linkage Line Options Counselor, Metropolitan Center for Independent Living

    The Able Life of Cody Jane serves as a reminder that life is simply too short to be defined by others’ misperceptions of our abilities.”--Cindy Brownstein, CEO, Spina Bifida Association, Washington, DC

    "In this inspirational book, Marly Cornell tells the story of her exceptional daughter Cody. Although she was born with spina bifida, Cody Jane Ahlburg’s life was not defined by her birth defect. Rather, what was most noteworthy about Cody was the fact that she was able to teach many life lessons to others. Through the examples of her independence and innate set of values that are chronicled in this book, the reader will put to rest any preconceived notions about limitations. The message is instead about going forward and focusing on abilities, not disabilities. The author also shares strategies about survival and having success in life that would be pertinent to anyone dealing with difficult circumstances."--Diane Bligh, Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation Learn More Add to Wishlist

  3. Heartstrong



    Heartstrong: Overcome Obstacles and Live Life to the Fullest is to encourage and empower others who find themselves in difficult circumstances to look at the possibilities each challenge presents as an opportunity to discover what path to take in next chapter of their lives.

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  4. The Mechanics of the Knee

    The Mechanics of the Knee


    In The Mechanics of the Knee, Dr. David Morley offers a refreshingly common-sense and succinct approach to the growing problem of knee arthritis—and how to avoid knee-replacement surgery.

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